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We proudly serve Only Grass-Fed, Free Range, Hormone & Anti-Biotic Free, All American Bison!

Let's Have Some Munchies

Basket of Onion Petals


6 Fried Pickle Spears


Chicken Chunks


Your choice of sauce

Hot Pepper Cheese Balls


6 Mozzarella Sticks


Fried Mushrooms


Fried Cauliflower


½lb Popcorn Shrimp


½lb Breaded Clams


Munch Basket


Onion petals, mushrooms, cauliflower, mozzarella sticks, chicken chunks, hot pepper cheese balls, served with cocktail sauce or ranch dressing

The Fresh Side

Ranch | French | Italian | Oil and Vinegar | 1000 Island | Raspberry Vinaigrette | Honey Dijon Mustard | Bleu Cheese (50¢ extra) | Fat Free Ranch | Fat Free French, Fat Free Italian

Chicken Club Salad


Fresh lettuce, grilled chicken tenderloin, bacon, walnuts, tomato, carrots & cheddar cheese

Chef Salad


Fresh lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, hardboiled egg, carrots and croutons with ham or turkey

Chef Combo Salad


Combination of ham and turkey

Grilled Chicken Chef Salad


Chef salad with grilled chicken tenderloin

Steak Salad


Chef salad with 5 oz. grilled Sirloin steak

Hawaiian Chicken Salad


Fresh lettuce, grilled chicken tenderloins, pineapple, strawberries, Swiss cheese and cashews

Chicken Tender Salad


Chef salad with breaded & fried chicken tenderloin chunks

Taco Salad


Beef or chicken, tortilla shell with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese and taco sauce with sour cream and salsa on the side


Served with Chips and Pickle Spear

Turn Your Favorite into a Platter
Add a House Salad to Share $4.99 | Add Fries for $2.25 | Seasoned Fries or Onion Petals $3.25 | Fries and Slaw $3.99 | Grilled Onions or Mushrooms $0.75 each | Bacon (one extra thick slice) $1.00
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle included upon request

Yellow Perch Sandwich


4-5 oz Lake Erie Yellow Perch filets on our homemade bun

Fresh Water Lake Perch $7.99



Slow cooked Corned beef brisket on grilled swirl rye bread, Swiss cheese & sauerkraut with 1000 island on the side

Battered Cod Sandwich


3-4 oz beer battered cod on our homemade bun

Italian Sub


Ham, Turkey, Pepperoni, Lettuce, Tomato, Banana Peppers, Provolone Cheese and Italian Dressing on our homemade Hoagie Bun

Cod Melt


3-4 oz. beer battered cod & American cheese on grilled swirl rye bread

Turkey Club


Served on toast or a 10-inch flour tortilla, Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo

Michigan Cherry Chicken Salad


Homemade all white meat chicken salad with almonds, grapes, dried Michigan Cherries, celery & onions on a butter croissant

Plain Chicken Salad $7.49

Tuna Salad Sandwich


Chicken Tender Sandwich


Two jumbo chicken tenderloins hand breaded & fried or grilled on our own homemade bun

Tuna Melt


Tuna salad, American cheese on grilled swirl rye bread

Philly Cheese Steak


Thinly sliced Sirloin steak, grilled onions & green peppers, melted Provolone cheese on a homemade Hoagie Bun

Egg Salad Sandwich


Smothered Chicken Tenderloins


Two grilled jumbo chicken tenderloins loaded with grilled mushrooms & onions and covered with Swiss cheese

On a bun $8.49

Ultimate Grilled Cheese


Thick slices of our homemade bread with Swiss, cheddar, Monterey Jack & provolone cheese

Classic Style $3.99 | With ham or bacon $7.99



Nearly 8 oz of thick cut bacon on your choice of our homemade bread


Add fries to any Burger$2.25 | Seasoned Fries or Onion Petals $3.25

All burgers are handmade and served on our Homemade Buns
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle included upon request

Turn Your Favorite Into a Platter
House Salad to Share $4.99 | Fries and Slaw $3.99 | Grilled Onions or Mushrooms $0.75 | Bacon (one extra thick slice) $1.00

Steak Burger *

Single - $4.99 | Double - $5.99 | Triple - $6.99

American or Swiss cheese Add $.50

Bison Burger *

100% lean all Natural ground Bison meat

(1/4 lb.) $9.99 | (1/2lb.) $12.99

American or Swiss cheese Add $.50

The "Hershburger" *


1/4 lb. Bison Burger, grilled mushrooms, Colby jack cheese, lettuce & tomato

Bison Patty Melt *


½ lb. lean all Natural Bison burger, grilled onions, Swiss & American cheese on grilled swirl rye bread

Made with Beef $7.99

Sliders *

Beef $4.99 | Bison $9.99

Two sliders served on our homemade buns

Turkey Burger


1/3 lb. ground turkey burger, grilled onions, Swiss or American cheese

Try Our Baskets

Yellow Perch 5-6 oz


Lake Perch 5-6 oz


Shrimp 8 oz


Clams 8 oz


Beer Battered Cod 6 oz


Seafood Basket


Catfish, Cod, Perch, Clams

Jumbo Chicken Tenders 13 oz


Chicken Chunks 13 oz


Chicken Wings 1 lb


Soup & Sides

Homemade Soup

$2.99 | $3.99

Soup and Dinner Salad

$5.99 | $6.99

House Side Salad



$2.25 | $3.25

Cottage Cheese

$2.99 | $3.99

Large Cottage Cheese with Fruit


Fresh Fruit

$3.99 | $4.99


$2.49 | $3.49

Try Our Entrees

On the Side
Entrées include tossed salad to share, coleslaw and choice of potato
Potato choices: Baked | French Fries | Home Fries | Hash Browns | Baked Sweet Potato

Bison Burger Steak *


12oz smothered with grilled onions

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich


Slow cooked roast beef on white bread served with REAL mashed potatoes and everything covered with homemade beef gravy

Hamburger Steak *


12 oz. ground chuck with grilled onions

Pork Chops


One 10 oz. bone in chop, grilled or breaded & fried

Ribeye Steak *


10 oz. tender hand cut choice steak

Add grilled mushrooms or onions $0.75

Smothered Chicken


Two jumbo grilled chicken tenderloins topped with sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and melted Swiss cheese

Add 2 strips of extra thick bacon $1.99

Top Sirloin Steak *


6 oz. center cut choice steak

Add grilled mushrooms or onions $0.75

Country Fried Steak or Chicken


Two hand breaded chopped steaks or two jumbo chicken tenderloins fried to a golden brown served with mashed potatoes, home fries or hash browns and topped with our homemade country gravy



A generous portion of pasta topped with house made meat sauce, parmesan cheese and a slice of our Homemade Garlic bread

Veal or Chicken Parmesan

A generous portion of pasta topped with marinara, parmesan cheese a slice of our Homemade Garlic bread

Veal $10.99 | Chicken $9.99

Delicious Seafood

Seafood entrees include tossed salad, coleslaw and choice of potato
Potato choices: Baked, French Fries, Home Fries, Hash Browns or Baked Sweet Potato

Lake Erie Yellow Perch Filets


8 -9 oz. lightly hand breaded

Fresh Water Lake Perch $17.99

Perch Combo


Half order of Yellow perch and 4 oz breaded clams

With four butterfly shrimp $18.99 | With four frog legs $20.99

Beer Battered Cod


10 oz. beer battered cod filets

Fried Shrimp


Seven butterflied and hand breaded shrimp

Frog Legs


Seven legs lightly hand breaded

Seafood Platter


4-5 oz. Yellow perch, 4 oz clams, 4 butterfly shrimp and 4 frog legs

Don't Forget Dessert!

We proudly serve Hand Dipped Independent Dairy Ice Cream!

Ask About Our Homemade Selections

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness